Meets monthly, second Monday September through December (12:30) and February through April (1:30) at both Bassett House and Fairhaven Retirement Home.

Alpha-Minneiska Club disbanded as in Ma 

History of Minneiska Club: On November 5th, 1897, 21 young women were invited to the home of Mrs. Gilbert Anderson for the purpose of forming a women's club devoted to study, self improvement, and community service. Soon afterward, the members of the newly formed Minneiska Club directed their energies toward promoting a free library, circulating petitions among the tax payers. The early history of Minneiska Club reflects many projects aimed at helping to establish and stock the new library ......a monumental task for them and for the other existing federation clubs. They were also involved in such causes as prison reform, immigration laws, and Womans's suffrage.

In 2016 Minneiska Club and Alpha Club merged to become Alpha-Minneiska Club.